Open 7 days a week - Restaurant closed on tuesday and wednesday
open on other days from 11:30am to 2:00pm and 6:30pm to 9:00pm
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A cozy setting
for authentic cuisine

In a cozy environment, the Restaurant du Mouton suggests an authentic cuisine that varies through the seasons depending on the findings from the local food market.

The Terrace invites you to enjoy Ribeauvillé's fresh air as the sunny season begins.

The Wine Card

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Tartes flambées (« Flammekueche ») and many more traditional dishes
will satisfy gastronomie Alsacienne !Alsatian-gastronomy-lovers.
  • Start
    Snails 6 or 12 9.20 / 16.00€
    Duck Terrine 9.50 €
    Goose Foie Gras 14.50€
    Puff pastry with oyster mushrooms 13.80€

    - €
    Beet Carpaccio with Endive and Feta cheese 8.60€
  • Main Course
    Potatoes Pancakes with marinated salmon 17.50€
    Meat cake with Pinot Noir Sauce 16.90€
    Sauerkraut with meat 17.80€
    Filet of Sea Bream 21.00€
    Chicken stuffed with crayfish 18.10€
    Rack of lambs with herbs 21.00€
  • Autour du boeuf
    L'entrecôte 25.00€
    Le filet 31.00€
    La côte de bœuf (pour 2pers) 54.00€
    Le Faux-Filet 21.30€
    La Côte de bœuf d'Exception (pour 2 pers) 71.00€
    La Côte de Bœuf (L’Angus d’Aberdeen, origine Irlande) maturée environ 45 jours 74.00 / 2 pers€
    La Côte de Boeuf d'Exception (selon ardoise) maturée minimum 60 jours selon ardoise€
  • Les tartes flambées
    La Traditionnelle 7,90€
    La Munster (with Local cheese) 8,90€
    La Champignon (with mushrooms) 8,80€
    La Gratinée (with Emmental cheese) 8,40€
  • Les fromages
    La sélection de Fromages Alsaciens 7.50€
  • Les desserts
    La crème Brulée à la Vanille Bourbon 8.00€
    Le Moelleux au Chocolat et sa glace vanille 9.00€
    Les Profiteroles 2choux/ 3 choux 6.50/ 8.00€
    Le Café Gourmand 10.00€
    Le sorbet arrosé (Sorbet citron au Marc de Gewurtz) 8.00€
    Le Café Alsacien ou L’Irish Coffee (Marc de Gewurtz ou whisky) 8.00€
    La Coupe Zoé (pour les enfants) 2.30€
    Nos glace au choix (prix à la boule) 2.00€
  • For Children
    Chicken nuggets with french fries. One scoop of ice cream as sweet dish 11,00€


The Restaurant du Mouton has two dining rooms and can welcome groups up to 80 people.